FNaF movie: Can It Live up to the Expectation?


Image Credit – BBC

This Halloween, all eyes are for ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ and jump scare mystery horror that is supposed to make every audience to sit on the edge of their seat is coming out on 27th October 2023. Five Nights at Freddy’s, in short FNaF, is the highly anticipated adaptation of one of the most beloved horror game franchises.

It has been almost a decade since fans have been waiting for this movie, and as the trailer has launched opinion on the movie started to build up. From what they are about to see or how much the movie resonates with the game? While some fans are having their fingers crossed to watch this horror extravaganza on the other hand some are skeptical of the move.

Will the movie live up to the expectations of its audience? Will it be able to impress the doubters also? Or, it is going to fail to impress his already excited audience. All the answers will be available after the 27th of October.

Ash Millman, an excited horror film enthusiast said, “I went to the cinema the other day to watch a horror movie, and a little trailer mention for Five Nights at Freddy’s got people whooping and cheering,” on witnessing the trailer of the movie when she when to watch some other horror at the theaters. “They’re excited, there’s a hunger for this film,” she added.


The rising excitement has reached the director and the producer of the movie. Emma Tammi, the director of the movie said, “I’ve received some emails.” “The fans are very specific about what they want to see,” she added, “And so it’s fun to get those impassioned pleas and ideas but it’s been great to hear the feedback too.”

The producer Jason Blum on the other hand said, “I get occasional emails saying ‘wouldn’t it be cool if you just sent me a copy of that movie right now?’.” The teaser of the movie came out in May and since then they have been working on every single detail to make this experience absolutely perfect for the audience.

In this movie, the Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson plays Mike Schmidt. Schmidt is desperate to find a job and will do anything that can earn him some money. This job of being a security guard at an abandoned restaurant lands on him and he without any second thought says yes to the job.

But he starts the job he soon realizes that he has got company at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Several animatronic creatures still have life in them and unlike the diner, they too can run on their own. They have been the reason this place got shut down years back.

The game itself has a reputation for intense ambiance and the popular ingredient is its jump-scare moments. Ash, PlayStation Access host, explains, “It’s not like an action horror. It’s not a survival horror; you are in one room doing one thing.”