Facebook Proposes Content Oversight Panel for Systematic and Just Distribution of Free User Speech


Facebook – Image Credits Picryl

Facebook’s plan to nullify dismissive content through an independent content oversight body is in full progress. Impeachment of free speech has led to this silent rebellion that parries with uncanny information, abusive content, falsification of socio-political issues and much more that all come down to the collective misuse of Facebook as a relevant media platform. It has been noted that this council would consist of 40 personnel tracking down the whereabouts of questionable posts without interfering with the independence of individual posts and shares.

The initial draft for this plan, as per Nick Clergy, head of global affairs for Facebook, will assemble the board members as well as the infrastructural pointers for this council after extensive workshops over the next six months. However, the central plan for introducing this constricted algorithm is to curb political hate and false pretense posts to a global standstill. There have been multiple issues of political disparity obstructing a swift flow of governmental proceedings worldwide due to excessive calling and naming through Facebook posts. As globalization has reached the most scattered stage of governance, it is high time that Facebook, the largest social media platform for sharable ads takes up the dire responsibility to restore virtual harmony by all means.

There have been doubts regarding Facebook’s data model that may or may not exploit advertisements as a way to impersonalize user data. However, Facebook has confirmed it is definitely not the case and their sole objective as a service provider is their personalized take on bringing people closer.

As we move closer to what can be called ‘anonymous is a foregone luxury’, Facebook shines with a reasonable hope of redemption. Even though we have channelized our opinions as yet another being of the virtual/real truce, let us not forget who we used to be in our homes. With ethical filtration, hopefully, the thin line between institutional dissolution and personal liberty will be lucid for us, the layman of socio-political drama.