A Photo of the Upcoming Super Nintendo World was Recently Published by Universal Studios Japan



The creative idea of Super Nintendo World was officially announced back in 2016 and Universal Studios Japan has been at it since then.

Super Nintendo World features some of the most famous Nintendo characters and their respective worlds within the game. In fact, there is also going to be a theme park on the same. The experience at the park will be one of a kind and implement avant-garde technologies to develop and give the audience a real-life experience for all the Nintendo fans.

The new attraction has gotten a lot of hype because it makes the fans feel a part of the game. Their goal is to create an immersive experience for the fans and Nintendo is working in collaboration with Universal Studios to materialize their plans.

Universal Studios Japan shows off new photo of upcoming Super Nintendo World on their official Twitter account that includes snaps of Koopa castle, Princess Peach castle, and rides that are Yoshi-themed. Some of the parts have been designed that are influenced by the super Mario Bros. game.

The premises of the park will also have a Mario Kart. It is a ride but there has been no confirmation whether visitors will have to provision to go around the park in the cart much like the ‘Mario Kart Japan’ located in Tokyo.

If a visitor does not want to wait for long hours for the ride, they have other recreational options like shopping and eating houses in the park. Nintendo recently opened its store in Shibuya Parco and it is expected that Super Nintendo World will be giving out goodies to all those who drop by.

Economically speaking, a professor from Kansai University predicted that the attraction will be of huge benefit to the country itself. It will pave the way for employment and hence, economic welfare.

The total budget for the theme park is 60 billion yen that is set to open its gates after that of the Despicable Me based theme park, Minion.

Plans of building Nintendo-themed parks and areas in Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort are in talks. But there still hasn’t been any official announcement on the same.

For all the Nintendo fans out there, this park will be a major attraction for them.

The Super Nintendo World is expected to wrap up its designing and construction before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It will be the perfect recreational spot to visit after attending the event of the Olympics.