Upcoming Canadian Music Producer Eklchump is Creating Upbeat Electronic Waves for the Genre of Hip-hop


The strains of hip-hop are being deconstructed through eccentric electronic dynamics and rhythmic elements in Canadian music producer Eklchump song samples.


The sound and rhythmic deductions in upcoming producer and music artist Eklchump’s soundscape is a distinct area of musical pursuits altogether. Although he bases his music on the foundation and standards of rap and hip-hop, the expressions are derived through electric electronic sounds making him stand out in terms of creative style. His songs nurture a thematic resonance that elevates the audience to find pleasure in its individuality. The music is so different from how the essence of hip-hop was being perceived for all these years that he has overcome a milestone of the collective evolution of music. From the integrated coordination between rhythm and beat samples to the whole arrangement that brims with flavors of futuristic musical pursuits, his creative dictionary is profound and glorious.

Hailing from Spruce Grove, Canada, Cameron Emmelkamp who has adopted his quirky stage name Eklchump, is currently associated with his own label EklchumpOnTheBeat. He keeps his music open to interpretation for his audience to pave the way for creative interests. Some of his songs like ‘C.I.A’, ‘PLEX!’, ‘TAKEASHIT’, and ‘TRANSFORMER’ all assemble his unique approach towards blending hip-hop and rap with futuristic electronic tones. The result is outstanding as he continues to make and break barriers of standardizations. With a soundscape so fresh and contemporary, this Canadian music producer‘s global rise to the top of the charts and gateways to various opportunities cannot be hindered by anything. Follow him on Soundcloud for a comprehensive production range for hip-hop and rap.