Babygirltor is Ready to create a Legacy with her Consistently Likable Hooks in ‘S.O.M.L.’



From singing at the top of her voice to soft, sugary undertones, the sensational female singer Babygirltor proves her sustainable diversity in the new track S.O.M.L.. She layers it up with immersive R&B grooves and passionate emotions that carry the weight of her heavy mood. Making her debut song all about her deep, dark emotions and wrong choices, the upcoming Albany RnB artist Babygirltor strikes a chord with a large number of teenagers. She comes with regrets and unbreakable confidence that help her to stand tall in any situation. She knows that people are not perfect and that’s why she leaves a note at the end of the song for every being who thinks that they don’t deserve love. Happiness is a state and good music helps you to find the road that leads to the eternal sunshine; her angelic voice is the reason you may fall in love with contemporary R&B music.

Babygirltor is bringing the best punch of aristocratic pleasure of smooth R&B tunes with her debut number ‘S.O.M.L.’. She entertains the idea of dynamic contrast between soft grooves and mellow lyrics all in the same frame of a hypnotic soundscape. Her broken heart finds rest after the long search for the light to guide her home but she eventually lost the person who used to be her home. Writing songs about the struggle to find love and move on in one’s life, she shines her prolific beauty of music through creative wordplay. With an organic funk instilled in the intro of the new song, she shares her earnest story to make it clear that she won’t let the odd win this time. The powerful verses and engrossing melodies deserve to be heard by all the neoteric melophiles. Find her on SoundCloud and Instagram for more music.

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