Trip Your Body as DJ Keys drops new Music





Jacopo Milceri Bausoto known to the people as DJ Keys is a professional Dj and music producer from Como ITALY. For 8 years DJ Keys is known as an arranger, composer, and one of the most revered members of Electronic music in Italy, producing for himself and for the other artists of dance style.
His last release called Blazing Wind in collaboration with Giulai and Fraxz was featured in different famous playlists on Spotify, reaching a lot of streams.
Last month DJ Keys was honored on Spotify with 600k streams and 525k listeners for 2020. This feedback from all his fans make DJ Keys more strong and more professional in creating new music. He confirmed new music coming soon that will be available at his official Spotify channel.
” Is a collaboration with a well-known artist ” is what Jacopo confirms to us. This upcoming song maybe will be released with the official video and released at a well-known Label that will be On Top like only DJ Keys know to do. .

“2020 was not good and I hope for a better year. We miss clubs, we miss stage feelings, we miss crowd … We know that is a really difficult period and in fact, Italy was one of the most countries that Covid 19 destroyed everything, destroyed a lot of families but I hope that this situation END as soon as possible” says Jaocpo thinking…
Sometimes I play in my house, I have my controller and I try to play music going live in my social networks and trying to get in feed with my fans and my followers. Maybe a little music can make them happy in this difficult time.

At the last interview, DJ Keys confirm different single’s upcoming with a different style of beats. Let’s hope that this year will be awesome for DJ Keys and his music.