Qualcomm reveals its new chips for the upcoming 5G smartphones


Image Credits Bgr.in

Qualcomm Inc., the chip supplier introduced the new generation of mobile phones processor chips that are capable of connecting new 5G smartphones.

Snapdragon 855 chips are launched at an event in Hawaii. These chips include a processor and modem to connect to wireless networks.  The key features of these chips are that it connects to 5G wireless data networks with mobile data that speeds up to 50 or 100times faster than the current 4Gnetworks.

Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon in an event in Maui, Hawaii said that within the next few months everyone will be able to see 5G flagship smartphones which people will able to afford. The transition is bigger than the 3G and 4G connection. This new chips will outperform the other chips which are running artificial intelligence software such as image recognition and also supports the phone that is capable of reading user’s fingerprints through screens.

Qualcomm is one of the largest suppliers of mobile phones chips. Snapdragon 855 will power Samsung 5G smartphones which Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and Verizon Communication said on Monday would release in the United States within the first half of 2019.

The Samsung phone will become a major challenge for Apple Inc, it is one of the biggest rivals in the world of the premium handset market in the United States as the iPhone maker is locked in a legal battle with the Qualcomm. On Monday, Bloomberg has reported that Apple would wait at least till 2020 to introduce its first 5G iPhones.