Kenya Moore Shouts Out To All The Black Beauties Who Won Distinguished Beauty Contests



Kenya Moore herself is the diva of all time, raised a toast to all the beautiful colored women who were able to hold distinctive positions in the most prestigious beauty pageants. Kenya Moore Praises The Black Queens all over the world as it is a proud moment for all black women as for the first time in history, a flabbergasting occurrence has taken place when a black lady has been entitled to the most pre-eminent beauty pageant in the world. This moment has opened a new threshold for all the black beauties who come next.

She posted her wishes for the beautiful ladies and took the names of other fabulous women in her post including mentions of Janelle Commissiong who was titled as the first Black woman to achieve the crown of Miss Universe from Trinidad in 1977 and Vanessa Williams in 1984 for winning Miss America for the first time in the history.

She gushes over the whole thing and is extremely proud to be a part of the league. It is the milestone in the history with which a new era has been broken where the black color of the skin is considered as beautiful as any other colored skins. The Black women are unstoppable in irrespective fields of industries. she made an overwhelming post on her official Instagram page for wishing the best for the talented and beautiful Black women who have equal abilities and magic to contribute in the world and successfully holding up important titles of the most prestigious beauty pageants.

Some of her followers gushed with comments over her post saying that Black is indeed magically beautiful. They all are very proud of this celebrated moment. They all appreciated her for being the beacon for the young beautiful females to feel confident and inspired to show the world their worth.