The Talented STEVE MOFFITT Has Used Catchy Hooks and Superb Lyrics in His Recent Rock Numbers


The rock artist, STEVE MOFFITT has displayed his usual flair in his magnificent rock songs. He has delivered tracks like ‘HIGH TIMES’, ‘LIVING HARD’, ‘COREY’, and ‘Little Baby Girl’ with an unwavering passion. It is a stunning execution by the gifted Victoria Rock Music Artist. The versatile artist is not only a great exponent in singing and songwriting but his stint as a guitarist, keyboard player, and also a drummer has fetched him praises from all corners. He is a seasoned campaigner as a live performer and also a song recordist and has several years of experience to back his immense talent. He also worked as a solo artist, a drummer, and a singer in many popular bands. The fans can know more about the musician through his  Facebook..

The tracks, ‘HIGH TIMES’ and ‘LIVING HARD’ have soulful vocals. The songs, ‘COREY’, and ‘Little Baby Girl’ have jagged edges. The musician, STEVE MOFFITT has come up with an energetic core in his tracks. He has also orchestrated a phenomenal blend of country and blues with rock music. ‘Steve Moffitt Music’ is the name of the YouTube channel that he owns and soon he will come up with his Vevo channel and it is going to be called ‘Steve Moffitt Vevo’. 10 of his popular rock songs are trending on all the major networks of digital distribution. ‘Colorfull’ is his very first album and it was released this year in April. His tracks are played on YouTube.

Check out his all latest tracks on SoundCloud: