Princes Harry And William Have Hit Out At BBC For A Deceitful Diana Interview





Image Credit – TOI


Prince William and Harry have hit out on BBC on Thursday and also journalist Martin Bashir for the deceitful way Bashir obtained the explosive TV interview with Diana, who is their late mother in which she has seen detail about her troubled marriage with Prince Charles.

A stinging criticism by both the princes came out hours after the independent inquiry found that Bashir has used falsified documents to get the sensational sit-down with Diana in 1995. The BBC leaders have also failed to probe the matter adequately and how he had arranged it.

William went on to say that the deceitful manner in which the interview was obtained had substantially influenced what has been said by her mother on air and it had majorly contributed to the death of the relationship of his parents.

He has also added that the oversight failures of BBC had significantly contributed to her fear, isolation, and paranoia in her final years.

Charles and Diana are the heirs to the British throne and they were formally divorced in 1996. Diana passed away at the age of 36 in one of the high-speed cars crashes as she was being chased by the paparazzi photographers in Paris the next year.

William who is the second in line to the throne added a lengthy statement that has been read in person from Kensington Palace has said that it is his firm view that this Panorama program has got no legitimacy and it should not be aired again.

He has also added that a false narrative is effectively established for more than a quarter of a century and it has been commercialized by BBC and also others.

Harry, the younger brother of William, has said in his release that the inquiry report is the first step towards truth and justice but it is still widespread today that the deceptive practices are exposed and it has played a major part in the death of their mother.

He has also added that the ripple effects of the unethical practices and the cultural exploitation took her life ultimately.

The comments made by Harry echoed those of Charles Spencer, the brother of Diana who had earlier blamed the fallout from the interview in 1995 that has contributed to her death that happened nearly two years later.

Spencer went on to say that she had no clue on whom to trust and at the end of it all when she passed away two years later she was without any kind of real protection.

According to the report by John Dyson, a retired senior judge has said that Bashir commissioned faked bank statement that has falsely suggested that some of the closest aides of Diana were being paid by the security services to keep a tab on her.

Bashir has then shown this to Spencer in a successful bid to convince him for arranging a meeting between Diana and himself.