Muhammad Waqas Umer Social Media Activist, Who Has Made It Big Globally



Muhammad Waqas Umer became an online sensation as he achieved huge success at such a young age and started multiple businesses that earned him seven figures in income. Muhammad Waqas Umer, also know as Umer born on 24 Aug 1998 in Rawalpindi, Punjab. Mohammed Waqas Umer is one of the most talented entrepreneurs who use his years of experience to help brands and individuals to grow their businesses. He is the co-founder and CEO of Cmnbnews, which is an Urdu New Based Site. He has built different assets over the past few years to generate 7 figure income.

How He Motivate People Became Successful In Digital Marketing

As opposed to wasting his time getting a degree, he focused on his passion, giving him a much more fulfilling life. He is an A college dropout. It was quite disheartening for his parents to see him drop out as he had many heartbreaking incidents. His optimism was not extinguished. Despite all the obstacles, he kept moving forward and was successful in establishing his business.

He is running a successful Social Media Marketing Agency that helps hundreds of clients worldwide. Through their agency, they help their clients to build brand awareness, engagement, and business growth across various industries.



How He became successful in digital marketing

Waqas Umer has a passion for learning. I hope you know that if a person has a passion for doing something, he must achieve it no matter what he wants. He is working on his skills day and night. Some of the skills acquired by Muhammad Waqas Umer are Growing Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Revenue, PR & Marketing Campaigns for Politicians, Celebrities, Musicians, Artists, Entrepreneurs, and many others.

Along with it, he starts learning new skills that help them take their business to the next level. Riches do not equate to success for him, but a free life is essential to him. The boss doesn’t matter to him. He also proved that you need thousands of dollars to start your business or an agency. You just need to work on your skill and cash in on time. You just need to stop wasting your time and start working now.


Additionally, if you’re interested in learning from his experience working with him, you can contact him on Twitter. Whenever he can, he hires new talent from all over Pakistan. If you’d like to contact him, you can find his Twitter account below.