AstraZeneca Vaccine Gets backing on the blood clot side effects from the EU



Image Credit – Reuters


Europe’s drug regulator once again talked about the benefits of the Covid-19 vaccine made by AstraZeneca this Friday. They claimed that the benefits are far greater than any risks. They are still reviewing the rare blood clots in children as a side effect and the assessment was based on it. The report will be valuable for countries that are still in dilemma as to whether to use the vaccine or not.

The new report supporting the vaccine was done after many countries in the European Union and across the globe have put restrictions on the use of the vaccine named Vaxzevria. Its use was completely dropped in Denmark after they found links to blood clot problems along with low platelet levels due to the vaccine. And it was confirmed.

The European Medicines Agency or the EMA has found that the rare blood clot side effects are quite rare and it may happen in 1 out of 100,000 people after vaccination.

The EMA officials have said on Friday that they published the data to make sure the 27 EU members decide upon whether to use the vaccine and how to use it.

According to their report, the vaccine becomes more effective with the increase of age. But the benefits of the vaccine can be observed in every age group.

The officials have also revealed that the finding may change because they are still collecting more data. They claimed that not all the EU members have added the sex of the vaccine recipients in their report.

The chief of EMA’s data analytics and methods task force, Peter Arlett said that the balance between the risk and benefit of the vaccine made by AstraZeneca is quite positive. It is helping people fighting Covid-19 and saving many lives across the world.

EMA has previously claimed that they have found a possible connection between the AstraZeneca vaccine and a rare blood clot issue, similar to the cases regarding the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Now they are saying that they do not have enough data from Europe to claim that blood clot risks with low blood platelets would be affected with the doses of Vaxzevria.

Many countries including the United States are still in dilemma whether to use the Johnson & Johnson vaccine over the concerns of blood clots issues. Regulators in the US have found that it mostly occurs in the abdomen and brain.