Any Conversion Therapy Is Now Banned By Law In Canada


Image Credit – Global News


On Wednesday this bill has received Royal assent in Canada making any practice, promotion, advertisement of Conversion Therapy a Criminal Offence. Bill C-4 has banned this pseudoscientific practice to change someone’s sexual orientation.

This bill has described Conversion Therapy as ‘practice, treatment or service designed to change a person’s sexual orientation to heterosexual, or to change a person’s gender identity to cisgender.’This practice was widely disproved by numerous American and Canadian Psychological Associations.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has Tweeted about this stating, ‘It’s official: Our government’s legislation banning the despicable and degrading practice of conversion therapy has received Royal Assent – meaning it is now law. LGBTQ2 Canadians, we’ll always stand up for you and your rights.’ Canada’s new governor-general Mary Simon has given this bill royal assent.

This is their third attempt to ban this practice. The liberals had made their last attempt in august but the election called by Trudeau overshadowed their attempt. But this time bill C-4 included several detailed measures, expanding the limits. From adults who gave consent for the practice to children who are being forced to take the therapy. The bill which was introduced in the parliament included them all consenting, non-consenting, and children.

The new criminal code offenses include a person causing anyone to undergo this conversion therapy or forcing a minor to take the therapy abroad. Anyone who is making a profit from this practice whether it is from promotion or advertisements or providing the therapy will serve two to five years in prison. The court has ordered every advertisement online should be removed for immediate effects.

Over the years people who went through the therapy shared their trauma and depression that came along with therapy.These stories have shown that the churches have performed the exorcism of a 19 years old girl because of her sexual orientation. Decades of discomfort and suffering have finally met with an end.

Many have spoken against the bill as well. Anti-abortion group Campaign Life Coalition which has associations with Tories, the British political party, stated that preventing consenting adults to take the therapy is unconstitutional and should not be a part of this bill.

The conservatives have voted against the bill each time. Saying that banning this practice can cause more criminal disruptions. Last week, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole said, their caucus will not oppose the bill anymore, they are no longer taking this Bill C-4 as a political issue used by Liberals. As they have stated several times before.

Another Conservative Sen. Leo Housakos Tweet on Tuesday shortly after Senate passed the new bill, ‘“The Trudeau government has been using LGBTQ2S Canadians as political pawns and conversion therapy as a political weapon. Long enough,’

‘That’s why today we gave the govt a clear path forward in banning conversion therapy.’ he concluded. Canada’s House of Commons ensues into the celebrations to cheer the bill and accept the law. After decades, the LGBTQ community has the right to lawfully pursue anybody denying their preferences to living their lives.