Kozee Bryant Knows How to Bring Fire on the Stage with ‘IM THE MAN’


The prolific rapper Kozee Bryant leaves his fans excited with his latest fiery and eclectic rap sound tune ‘IM THE MAN’ ft. Itz_Jangles. Fans are creating a buzz!

Kozee Bryant

Brilliantly impressive and original hip hop meets with unrivaled artistry, as the fine music artist is quick to overcome the simpler angsty implications of the title of ‘IM THE MAN’ ft. Itz_Jangles. Featuring ethereal production and an addictively rhythmic vocal flow, short lines, and deeply poetic contemplations, the track is infectiously catchy in a whole new way, uniquely melodic and moving, and introduces Kozee Bryant in a manner that will no doubt allow all future releases, however eclectic, to ring loud from this corner of creative identity. Heavy yet ambient production instantly blends contemporary weight and conceptual intention, as the artist unites heartfelt inspiration with clarity and style. The soundscape proceeds in this way, rising for the euphoric peak of that easy yet effective groove, delving back into the intricacies and details of the story for the verses, ultimately portraying an infectious sense of escapism that will hopefully have an overwhelmingly positive influence on listeners. Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Ace Hood, and Travis Scott inspired the magnificent artists to craft music. Jangles is working on a project called ‘Legal Dope Boy’ & the rapper himself just dropped a project called ‘Himothy’ which you can find on Apple Music.

Distinctly versatile yet also well-rooted in songwriting purpose, recognizable hooks, and classic musical appeal, Greendizerl is set to shake things up with the new album. The musiccape ‘IM THE MAN’ is well worth tuning in for. Stacked high with bars, as it should be, also musically humble yet refreshing in its subtle creativity and playful energy Kozee Bryant aims high once again and hits the mark with ease. Promising catchy hooks and unrivaled vocal rhythm throughout, deliver a smooth set of addictive earworms, further this whilst promising a dash of familiar topical contemplation and influence. Keeping things creative and hitting hard with the production, the track more than lives up to the metaphorical weight of its title. The hook repeats from the outset, laying the foundation and lifting the mood with an anthemic dose of swagger and confidence to meet with the high-octane pace of the soundscape. Handful tracks such as ‘Toxic’, ‘Winning’, ‘Everywhere I Go (feat. Don D of FGE)’, ‘Cold outside’ and ‘Blessed’ have managed to garner attention of the music enthusiasts across the world. All of them are available on YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music. Follow the skillful musician on Instagram to know more about his upcoming releases.

Watch this Youtube video ‘IM THE MAN’ by Kozee Bryant: