‘Base Headed Kid’ By KING GEEZY Sets the Bar High For Its Bold and Fiery Charm


Pop star KING GEEZY offers fans a lit musical experience with his latest single ‘Base Headed Kid’. United-based musician leaves his fans awe-inspired.


Refreshing artistry of impressively high quality always emerges from the elusive KING GEEZY, the latest hip-hop release being far from expectation. Featuring heavy rhythm and bass with an instantly captivating, Rap style hook ‘Base Headed Kid’ is every bit of ear-worm its title implies, but also brings a welcomed touch of passion and intensity, which extends throughout the grit and confidence of the rap verses. The soundtrack builds up gorgeously, presenting both an intimate songwriter style and an energy of musicianship, as the soundscape and delivery gather momentum quite beautifully. Meanwhile the lyrics of the track intrigue and relate to the listeners as well. The arrangement is refreshing, and uplifting yet not intense and brilliantly showcases the natural ability and bounce of the great artist. The whole sound project has been nicely crafted, and features a strong groove of a classic bass, and mellow drums the track introduces its depth and welcomes into an evocative pop realm whilst being introduced to a talented singer and songwriter.

Experience the magnificent soundtrack that is riding high on a quickly captivating riff, the dreamy synths and rhythms of ‘Base Headed Kid’ pave the way gorgeously for an exotic and bold performance from the profound musician KING GEEZY. His creations engage from the start, connect increasingly, and ultimately gift the listener a little more insight and inspiration with each replay. Underlying the hints of influence from the legendary pop artists explores the sensation of strolling along the catwalk at the highest of one’s career, with the tread of electrified pop musicals. The vibrancy of the pop track radiates from the structure and presents a choir of cascading, intertwining vocals and melodies with simple threads of brightness. Several tracks like ‘True Sons OF Sin’, ‘Mental Note’, ‘The Journey’, and ‘No Fear (nonprofit)’ manages to spread their charm across the world and attract fans with flawless production and boundless creativity. The floor-filler fusions the lightness and contemplation while capturing precisely the implications of the lyrics.  They are available on Soundcloud and YouTube. Find the musician on Facebook, and Twitter, and follow for the latest updates.

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