Chinh Chu Speaks On Volatility, Private Equity And SPAC Market In His Interview With Jason Kelly on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas”


Chinh Chu

In an interview with Bloomberg’s Jason Kelly on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas“, Chin Chu, the Founder and Managing Director of CC Capital discussed the market and its volatility, his life after Blackstone, the SPAC market, and philanthropy.

Chinh Chu is one of the most respected investors in the private equity world and was a senior managing director at The Blackstone Group where he spent 25 years of his life. Kelly started the interview introducing Chinn Chu’s importance as an investor and what the future holds for the firm that he worked for so many years. Chinh Chu was also asked to elaborate on the technical term ‘Barf Burger’ that was addressed by his ex-boss Steve in a conference held recently. Jason also asked Chinh his opinion about the last few months, especially the last couple of days.

In reply to all these questions, Chinh lucidly described ‘Barf Burger’ as a term related to the economy, the jobs, and the earnings, the key elements driving the stock market. But given the market volatility in recent times, it is politics and the other subsidiary components like trade which are driving the market. Chinh stressed on the unpredictability of all these factors as the main causes behind such rapidly-evolving volatility. Answering Jason’s question about how he feels about the economy, Chinh said that the economy feels okay to strong with respect to consumers’ confidence and corporate earnings.

Further, Chinh added that his experience in Blackstone was terrific and under the mentorship of Steve he took the firm to the level where it is at today. Chinh also shared his vision to build a firm that will focus on long-term permanent capital.

On his discussion with Kelly, Chin also added how the SPAC Value has risen in recent years along with other interesting issues. He also highlighted the actual scenario of who the real investors are between traditional and private SPAC investors. The entire interview session highlighted a different aspect of the capital market. In the end, Kelly asked Chinh to share his philanthropic undertakings aimed at benefitting people. Chinh shared some of his charitable activities. His firm does not fail to fulfill corporate social responsibilities. It supports many charities around New York City and has also built schools in Asia and Africa along with maintaining feasible health care missions.