Lab Spitta gets the Pulse Racing with his Most Infectious Voice and Appealing Groove in Music Video ‘Bag Moves’


Lab Spitta

In recent times there have been only a handful of artists who with their engaging ability has earned popularity globally. One of them is Lab Spitta who with his polished voice and engaging concepts has created quite a buzz in the industry. Going with an unmatched flow and pumping energy, the American rapper Lab Spitta has creatively produced all his hip-hop anthems with a brilliant fusion of superb music and rap structures. The rapper knows how to strike with impact and nurtures a strategic pace to deliver the words. Anyone who has listened to his previous compositions well knows that his musicianship is hardcore and follows an inhibited charm throughout. Recently the artist has released another hip-hop music video to show his talent on a larger scale. The music video Bag Movesis one of a kind in terms of engagement quality where the rapper is seen performing in style to showcase his stylish rap form. Short lines that move back and forth add a certain dynamic to the song design which when combined with the well-arranged beats creates a revolutionary sound in the listener’s ears. Loaded with unpredictable hooks at every corner, the track has a hypnotic essence that makes it even catchier. The artist nails the rap delivering style and excites the audience with his screen presence.

Built under the label Grand Gang Management ‘Bag Moves’ is all about groovy moves and an addictive vocal line that keeps the listeners on toes. Seeing all the average music filling up the landscape, Lab Spitta intends to gift the genre a good line of music and is inevitably doing so with his exciting and compelling soundscapes. This supremely talented artist has always been a believer in breaking the norms and is effortlessly doing so with each new release. Watch the video on YouTube and follow him on Facebook and Instagram for detailed information.

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