Germany Is Extending Coronavirus Curbs Up To January Due To Rise Of The Infection Rate



Image Credit – NBC News


American biotechnology company Moderna said that the latest vaccine of COVID -19 is showing some great results with a 94.5 percent recovery rate. This is good news for the people around the world but the graph of the corona affected patients are increasing daily.

As the second wave of the global pandemic has hit the ground, Germany is extending the coronavirus restrictions up to January 2021. Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday that the extension of the restriction remains as there is no chance of a dramatic drop in the covid affected patients.

Merkel also said that the safety measurements which have been taken in the earlier months will remain like the limits in the public gatherings, closure of restaurants and hotels, or any other cultural facilities. Due to the current infection rate, the rules and regulations cannot be lifted, especially in the upcoming festive season of Christmas and New year.

She also said that the curbs will be extended “until December 20 first but we assume that.. due to the very high incidence of infection, restrictions will have to apply until the beginning of January”.

The continued closure of the restaurants, bars, sports facilities, musical concerts will greatly affect Europe’s economy but this is the best way to reduce or at least maintain a lower infection rate. Though the schools and shops will remain open.

From 1st December the private gatherings will be limited to 5 people only with an allowance from two households only. The limit was 10 people earlier, although the children are exempted from this rule.

Considering the festive season the last week of the year means from 23rd December to the 1st of January the restrictions will be eased up a little. Up to 10 adults will be allowed for meeting and children under the age of 14 years will be exempted.

According to the agreement, ‘Employers are urgently requested to check if company holidays or home working solutions can be applied from December 23 to January 1 to allow companies to close, so that nationwide, we can implement the basic principle “we are staying home”.

Other measurements like expanding train’s sitting capacity, banning fireworks, and larger public gathering are strictly under Government’s regulations. This winter the ski lovers are going to miss the snowy slopes of the mountains as it will be closed too.

Merkel said, “I will say this openly that it won’t be easy, but we will try”.