Upcoming Hip Hop Artist WRECKONE Creates a Whirlwind Lyrical and Musical Approach with his Soundscape


The spontaneity of contemporary lyrical hip hop and rap juxtaposed across a blazing rhythmic scope constitutes upcoming artist WRECKONE’s exclusive soundscape.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Feb 1, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Upcoming hip hop artist WRECKONE is creating hip hop resurgence with the immersive verses of his soundscape. The artist alongside fellow musician SAINTLESS NICK has paved the way for the collaboration of the hip hop era. Their song ‘A Prophet Is Made‘ is a beautiful journey of musical elements that takes the audience on a journey of creative and personal optimism. Working under the label, Inner G Records, both artists work as a team in making their sound and unique rapping styles stand out. They also introduce the effective glow of electronic modulations to give their lyrical content a hard-hitting boost.
The artists also collaborate for the song, ‘Never Look Back‘ which is yet another sample of their exquisite partnership. Their creative team also consists of artist DICE 508 and collectively, they redefine hip hop with their musical, lyrical, rhythmic, and thematic resonance. The artist has invested his creative mind for over 25 years in giving his music and craft an identity. He believes that one’s reality is the greatest motivation that drives them towards understanding art and creativity with an unadulterated perspective.
Pushing his music and creative stand through the undulations of life, artist WRECKONE‘s only aim is to obtain positivity. Some of his other songs that ignite the superior sense of optimism include, ‘Generation X’, ‘Conquer Mentally’, ‘Paragraphs’, and ‘Couper La Piste’. His music defines the evolution of hip hop through the ages as it imbibes various unique styles and formats into its scope. Follow his work on Spotify and YouTube and his social media handles on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated.

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