Move your Hips to the Power-Packed Beats and Ethereal Rhyming in ‘Shake It’ by Thriving Rapper Ify P


Ify P

The real power of hip hop lies in the creativity of the artist and their willingness to go beyond the conventional norms. Multi-talented rapper Ify P aspires to bring a wave of new-age resonance into the genre to offer the audience something fresh and unique. In his quest, he has joined forces with fellow artists Chelly the MC and Shy Glizzy for his new single, Shake It. He has given his finest performance in the track generating powerful reactions from his fans. The addictive hook intermingled with the pummeling rap verses creates an atmosphere of pure acoustic perfection and bliss. The dash of confidence oozing from the articulate and eloquent lyrical illustration is amplified through the electrifying vocal deliveries and the equally stunning groovy backdrop.

The Silver Spring hip hop artist Ify P moved from Sierra Leone to the US when he was very young. He became attracted to hip hop in his younger days and started practicing rapping to express unfiltered emotions. He has come a long way, becoming the founder and CEO of his production house Fresh II Def. Ify P has presented an amazing blend of trap and hip hop in his most recent creation, ‘Shake It’ featuring Chelly the MC and Shy Glizzy. The brilliant recording artist has already gained international fame with his other tracks like creations, ‘Fuck It Up’, ‘100 Days’, ‘Chain on’, ‘Coke High’ and more. Follow him on SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated about his music and future works.

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