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Six Sigma Certification

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- New Delhi, Delhi Feb 7, 2022 ( – In your corporate journey, you must have crossed paths with the Lean Six Sigma training program, methodologies, and strategies. Lean Six Sigma is basically an amalgamation of Lean and Six Sigma, where Lean stands for reduction and elimination of waste, defects, and errors, and Six Sigma stands for improving quality and reduction of variations in a process.

These strategies are proven extremely beneficial for organizations in their effort to improve the overall customer experience and reduce the cost of production, manufacturing quality, efficiency, and lead improvement projects. Hence, training for Six Sigma belts and acquiring certifications for the same can prove to be a great help for both an individual and an organization. 

Well, certainly there is no arguing on the fact that obtaining certification under Lean Six Sigma from a reputed and recognized institute such as Detroit Learning can improve your potential as a leader in your organization. You will be offered the power and credibility to make improvements in the organization’s processes and an edge over your competitors. This training and certification add value and worth to your resume and your overall problem-solving and leadership skills. 

However, it must be noted that to obtain certification for Six Sigma, you need to clear the exam for Lean Six Sigma Certification Accreditation, which is provided by many certification providers. The major thing to lay an emphasis on here is the decision that certification providers have to take while choosing IASSC and CSSC certification exams.

Both the IASSC and CSSC are independent third-party certification bodies that are accountable for providing accreditation certifications and classifying the levels of certification in terms of belts. 

Difference Between IASSC and CSSC

Though they have a lot of similarities in them, IASSC and CSSC have a lot of differences that we will be discussing here. The differences are on the basis of:

Certification Levels

IASSC – This organization offers three classifications of certifications and they are Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Six Sigma Green Belt, and Six Sigma Black Belt with the last one being the highest level of certification. 

CSSC – There are four standard levels of certification as per this organization and they are Six Sigma White Belt, Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Six Sigma Green Belt, and Six Sigma Black Belt with the Six Sigma White Belt level being the lowest level of certification.

Another difference in terms of certification levels is that the CSSX offers advanced levels for Green and Black Belt courses.

Exam Formats

IASSC – IASSC offers a closed-book and proctored examination and consists of MCQs and True/False questions that are specifically based on the level of certification the exam is being conducted for. Students appearing for the IASSC examination need to be prepared to answer:

– Yellow Belt – 60 graded and 6 non-graded questions in a time frame of 2 hours.

– Green Belt – 100 graded and 10 non-graded questions in a time frame of 3 hours.

– Black Belt – 150 graded and 15 non-graded questions in a time frame of 4 hours.

Passing Score – 70% 


CSSC – The CSSC certification exam is an open-book examination that is non-timed. It consists of MCQs and you need to answer:

– White Belt – 30 questions

– Yellow Belt – 50 questions

– Green Belt – 100 questions

– Black Belt – 150 questions.

Passing Score – 70%


IASSC – IASSC offers fixed prices for each level of certification where the cost of:

– Yellow Belt is $195

– Green Belt is $295

– Black Belt is $395

IASSC charges slightly higher than CSSC.

CSSC – The latest standard certification level price at CSSC has been reduced in prices as per the organization and the cost of:

– White Belt is $0

– Yellow Belt is $79

– Green Belt is $119

– Black Belt is $139

Accreditations Offered 

IASSC – When it comes to the accreditations offered, this organization offers a total of four accreditations that are:

– IASSC Accredited Training Organization (ATO)

– IASSC Accredited Training Associate (ATA)

– IASSC Accredited Deployment Program (ADP) 

– IASSC Accredited Curriculum Provider (ACP)

CSSC – This organization only offers SSC Council for Six Sigma Certification

You can enroll in any of the organizations, but you should note that IASSC is a globally recognized association responsible for providing unbiased independent third-party authentication of Lean Six Sigma knowledge. On the other hand, CSSC is a globally accredited professional entity that is responsible for providing the associated industry with free-of-cost services and materials required for training.

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