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In The Bunker with Joshua Maddux

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- California, United States Sep 27, 2022 ( – Entrepreneurship and launching a business is pure hard work and planning more than anything. On the road to success, they face several hurdles, and not many end up living their dream of running a successful business. Joshua Maddux is the prime example of people who has won the race with extreme struggle and hard work. After gaining success and triumph as an entrepreneur, now a business owner Maddux is launching a podcast to share his and the stories of other business owners who started as entrepreneurs. The podcast, titled ‘In The Bunker’ will feature other entrepreneurs and will interview them about the challenges and hurdles of their entrepreneurship. The biggest challenges and objections that these business owners have faced will be discussed in the podcast along with other unpleasant truths that everyone should know but none talks about! By interviewing these entrepreneurs and business owners, Maddux is providing valuable insights about starting their businesses to people who are interested and invested in their entrepreneurship journey. This is the ideal podcast for people who are looking to start their journeys on running a business and in search of information ahead of their journey.

Maddux started this journey about 15 years ago and faced several unimaginable challenges himself. Intending to make people aware, he started this podcast so that other entrepreneurs can learn from each other and grow together. The Bunker has truly become the resource of growth and learning from aspiring individuals who dream of running a business by themselves. In this podcast, various topics are covered such as starting a business, marketing, and how to maintain customer satisfaction over time.

Born in an entrepreneurial family himself, Maddux’s grandfather, Ronald Curtis was a business owner himself. He owned a franchise of Service Master of Santa Clarita and turned it into a successful venture. So, growing up in that family Maddux learned how to develop a plan and execute it properly at an early age. At the beginning of his career, business was just a hobby and family legacy that did not catch his attention and interest that well. After finishing college Maddux did some consulting work for Brand Culture Company. He also worked as a web developer and did marketing for All American Marketing Group before starting his own business. His business is a digital agency named ’95Visual’ and since then he never looked back on his journey.

Starting with just a hobby, Maddux has worked with several companies as a consultant and has given strategies and advice which improved their market. His insights have improved countless companies’ online presence and sales market that proves how valuable his strategies and services are and in no time he became an expert on this. Coming from a family of a business owner, his learning and experience as a successful entrepreneur makes him a beneficial and important resource for any business that is looking for growth and development.

Now with his podcast, In The Bunker, Maddux is sharing these important perspectives and advice along with other entrepreneurs for other business owners to make them better at what they are doing. The podcast, besides covering various important business-related topics, also covers great worth such as how to understand the difference between marketing and fulfillment, how important work culture can be, and how to achieve equality in sales. Many entrepreneurs who are starting or growing a business suffer from imposter syndrome which starts with self-doubt and personal incompetence. In The Bunker, Maddux, who suffered from the same thing also explains how he overcome this.

The groundwork of this podcast started last year in 2021 which has been a longtime goal of his. In September of last year, Maddux started recording interviews but the process was interrupted by his struggle where he was battling with self-doubt. This journey of sharing experiences is extremely personal to this young entrepreneur because even during the making of the podcast, he overcame the challenges. The struggle and his journey of recovery are presented in episode five with another guest, Kris Kelso, who goes into great detail about the struggle.

The podcast is now live with half a dozen episodes and more released each week.

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