Indian Diaspora Novel Audiobook FREE to Mark 50 Years Since Ugandan Asian Expulsion


The Fortunicity of Birdie Dalal Audiobook

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the expulsion of Ugandan Asians by Idi Amin. Author Claire Duende is offering the audiobook of her novel, The Fortunicity of Birdie Dalal, free to commemorate this traumatic event

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Truro, Cornwall Oct 11, 2022 ( – Exactly 50 years ago, some 80,000 Ugandan Asians lost everything when they were expelled from Uganda by the tyrant Idi Amin. To commemorate this anniversary, author Claire Duende is offering the audiobook version of her novel The Fortunicity of Birdie Dalal free until the end of 2022.

The full unabridged audiobook follows the experience of a young woman who, with her family, has to make a new start as a refugee in cold, strange England. But the novel is not just a recounting of events. Although the expulsion from Uganda is a major element in The Fortunicity of Birdie Dalal, testing the characters’ moral strength and fortitude, it serves as the backdrop to a young woman’s journey of self-discovery and overcoming her own personal demons.

This is a novel about the power of love and friendship in helping to overcome immense hardship. Ultimately an uplifting tale, it is light women’s literary fiction, with a subtle spiritual vein running throughout.

So why did a middle-class British author write about a country and culture which is not her own? Duende says, “I was fifteen when the expulsion took place and I’ll never forget the look on the faces of the refugees as they arrived in the UK. It’s stayed with me ever since. Recently, a novel I was writing took an unusual turn. A side character became a forceful presence in her own right, and I realised the book had to be about Birdie. Her strength and goodness shone through, and I felt compelled to write this novel.”

What made Claire Duende make the audiobook free at this time? “So many lives would have been affected by the actions of President Idi Amin in 1972 and the echoes can still be felt today, even at this important 50th anniversary. Conversely, there are many people who are unaware of these events. Maybe they will learn something about history. Perhaps, through the narrative in the book, the reader will get a sense that all is not lost in times of adversity. There’s always hope and the healing power of kindness.

The full unabridged audiobook is free until the end of December 2022. Available on Google Play, Kobo, and Youtube in audiobook format. Youtube link HERE  The Paperback and ebook versions are also available through all outlets and bookshops at the standard price. Universal Link for Ebook from distributors   

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