Listen Out to The London Folk Artist Saney Boy’s Latest Released Tracks


The promising London folk artist SANEY BOY is back with his latest musical tracks impressing the fans with the soothing music and expressive lyrics.


The musical genre of folk is one of the most beautiful and delicate genres in the world. The soothing soundscapes of the genre are what captivate the listeners and made it one of the most popular genres in the world. If you are looking for a piece of special music that will be soul-soothing, then you will find SANEY BOY and his music absolutely enchanting. The London folk artist has recently released two brand new tracks, ‘To be someone‘, and ‘Meet Me In My Dreams’ which carry the true essence of modern folk music. The soundscapes’’ compositions and thoughtful lyrics have captivated a lot of global listeners. If you look at the artist’s discography, you would see that he has not been in the industry for long but in this short period, what he has achieved is worth the praise.

Especially the artistic maturity and growth that both these tracks showcase is truly magnificent. SANEY BOY continued his climb and kept expanding his reach with every song and the ultimate result led the audience to these beautifully composed and written soundscapes, ‘To be someone’, and ‘Meet Me In My Dreams’. The poetic depth of the lyrics and how well-written each verse is something that is attracting the listeners along with the soothing and minimal composition with just the guitar tunes. On top of that, you will also feel the love and emotion in his voice that will take you on a different journey. The songs are out on SoundCloud along with his ‘Is Your Smile For Real (Feat. Lindsey Farrow).wav’, ‘Wheres My Little Diamond.wav’, and ‘Quick Sand.wav’, etc. Follow him on Twitter and YouTube for more insights.

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