What to Know About Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik Bahria Town – Wiki, Biography, Age, Career and Life




It is a great thing to work as the CEO of Bahria Town, which is Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik. He is one of the promising and successful people of the real estate industry who is very popular with his work. His company is the best in Pakistan, and he runs his business from there, he has handled many real estate projects in Pakistan and in the coming times he has asked to follow some projects. His father’s name is Malik Riaz Husain, who has done a lot of work in the real industry. Ahmad Ali Riaz Malik was interested in the real estate industry like his father since childhood, so he chooses his father’s company and industry and moved his business forward.

Due to the good work done by them and the project undertaken, their income source is very high, and hence it is in the place. Therefore he is known to be seventh among rich a person who is his position. When it comes to age, he is 42 years old, and he lives in Pakistan, and He was born in Rawalpindi. They got married in 2003, and after coming to the post of their CEO, they have done a lot of work. Currently, many projects are handled by them.

Income Source of Ali Riaz

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik lives in Karachi, so he earns money from projects run in places like Lahore Karachi Rawalpindi. And he serves as CEO in Bahria Town, which increases his income and earns most of the income from here. So you can say that the main source of their income is their real estate industry.

About his Education & Career

Ali Riaz Malik was born in Rawalpindi as we have told you and was born in 1978 in Pakistan. Pakistan is a different country that has its own identity where they worked in the real estate industry. Even today, they are working in this industry and in the post of the CEO of Bahria Town. He completed his schooling in 1999, and his school name is Beacon house. He completed his school education very diligently and had formed the idea of entering his father’s business in his childhood, so today he has been successful through his work in the real estate industry and by his dedication.

When a person handles a family business, he has to learn a lot, he learned a lot from his father and showing interest in his industry, easily joined hands to join his father’s company Bahria Town Pvt. His passion was very deep, due to which he converted his father’s company into a very good company in Asia and gave a turnover of up to billion-dollar. Yes, we are telling the truth that through his work, he gave billion-dollar earnings to his company.

About His Personal Life

When it comes to personal life, Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik was married in 2003, and he was married in 2003 because he wanted to marry with Mubashra Ali Malik. He behaved and married as he wished, and he chose a good family to marry. His wife is from a good family and is a very rich family, who handles refinery sugar in Pakistan. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is very happy to see his wife’s social activities as his wife continues to do a lot of activities in Bahria Town, which is beneficial for him. It has been able to make its name socially because it has taken up the task of providing food to many poor people who do not even have a home. More than one lakh poor people who are homeless from home, food is being transported in social activities by their wife and by their company.

All about the Current Projects

Ali Riaz has worked to initiate a lot of projects over the past few years. He achieved the position of CEO in his company and signed on with the American real estate businessman Thomas Kramer to fulfill his father’s dream. They made a pact to fulfill their father’s dream of Island City and asked the two sides to have a good relationship and continue to support projects in the city of Karachi. Agreements have been made at different places in Karachi so that they can work on the project and provide facilities.