Lonleybandz has created ripples with his flabbergasting rap numbers with a deft touch


LonleybandzA lot of ecstasies are created by the prolific rapper Lonleybandz who has come up with plenty of energy. He has come up with splendid numbers like ‘Through the Town’, ‘Damaged’, ‘Out the Mud (Calboy), and ‘Pain-to-You’. The rapper is the proud owner of an avant-garde production house called ‘Cartel oil records’ that has great facilities. He is a magnificent solo artist and the 21-year-old has achieved a lot after he came with a bang in the musical arena. He spent his childhood in Tulsa but for now, he has shifted his base to San Diego in California. He is someone who wants to narrate his own story that is based on real-life experiences. This trait of the rapper has made his tracks even more relatable. To know about the singer, the fans can log on to his Twitter profile. The audiences can log on to his Instagram handle and can fetch relevant information about his upcoming ventures.

In the brilliant number ‘Through the Town’ by the astounding rapper Lonleybandz, there is a memorable edge. In the track ‘Damaged’ there are eclectic hip-hop vibes. In the number ‘Out the Mud (Calboy) and ‘Pain-to-You’, there are oodles of riveting funk. The fans can plug into his Twitter handle and engage in an off the cuff gabfest with the singer. To listen to his tracks, the fans can plug into popular music streaming apps like Soundcloud. The scintillating music videos by the singer can be watched on trending platforms like YouTube.

Listen to this track on Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/user-761035390/through-the-town-wav