The Brothers Timberwolf Reignite Feud Only After a Week of Reuniting and are Refusing to Work Together


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The Brothers Timberwolf Take to Instagram to Reignite Their Bitter Feud After Claiming to Reunite on Christmas. Their Label Denies Feud, Says They are Obliged to Release More Music

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Hollywood, Jan 13, 2021 ( – The Brothers Timberwolf who warmed our hearts on Christmas Day when making headlines about reuniting and forgiving each other “in the spirit of Christmas”, are reportedly back on an indefinite hiatus. For their fans, who are often referred to as the “TBT Army“, this news comes all too soon as a major upset and total disappointment especially considering their highly acclaimed re-emergence into the scene less than a week ago with “Christmas Deluxe CD” releasing over the holidays.

Just weeks ago, the two were back on the upward trajectory for 2021, entering into the new year on a hot streak after their popular Christmas album was dubbed “the Christmas Album of the Century” by Fox, NBC, CBS, and more on Christmas Day. Fans initially rejoiced, although now it is very clear that behind the scenes tensions ran high amongst the brothers who have a long history of problems ranging from a vicious love triangle that resulted in one brother’s divorce; to having polar opposite political beliefs with one brother endorsing MAGA up until recently promoting the “Stop the Steal” protest that turned into a disaster, while the other plans BLM rallies and social justice protests.

The Brothers became further estranged over the years and their fans rejoiced when hearing that the online mega-church conglomerate Lucky Prayers, had launched a subsidiary record label after hiring distinguished music industry veterans– and had taken to reuniting the beloved brothers and signing them in a generous deal topping even that of other Billboard charting artists like Drake and Young Thug, as the labels first order of affairs.

However, sadly for their fans, it appears as if the wounds from the long-winded decade of altercations and adulterous affairs has proven to have cut too deeply to ever heal, according to their fanzine’s reports of the brothers now reigniting their feud just 7 days after the announcement of the group reuniting and receiving their generous record deal of a large undisclosed sum of money from Lucky Prayer House.

The aftermath of the divorce and it’s untimely occurrence was also coupled with the inauguration of Barack Obama and furthered the upheaval and tension resulting in a major rift between the brothers that only worsened throughout the years with the election of Donald Trump. Like many Americans, the brothers furthered their divide towards polar opposite extremes of the political spectrum and took their arguments publicly to the internet… ranging on a wide variety of topics that have since been debunked–from the disputes over Aryan as a category of a race to fringe conspiracy theories about reptilian overlords enslaving humanity.

In recent years, Tustin began refocusing and rebranding by organizing social justice campaigns while his brother, who remained single after his divorce, drifted further into irrelevance and the online cancel culture after bitterly posting aggressive Twitter rants about men’s rights and America First, often times passive-aggressively geared directly towards both his younger brother and ex-wife.

After suffering years of humiliation and a never-ending barrage of negative comments from both left and right-wing supporters alike, he took it upon himself to discontinue his social media accounts and stayed largely out of the public eye. His brother Tustin, however, continued to grow his voice as a self-proclaimed “rapping journalist of the proletariat, fighting the Illuminati and neo-fascism” and he continued to keep himself very busy in the art world working as both a songwriter and solo hip hop artist, as well a published journalist and creator of his own investigative series alongside Natajh “HeadRahq” Munford of The Wu Food Movement TV, which largely focuses on more Illuminati conspiracy theories and advancing the fringe conspiracy theory that a secret organization of reptilian aliens secretly work within the highest levels of government and Hollywood to unwittingly enslave the human race.

Tustin announced that he was retiring his fringe theory conspiracy show back in December and focusing on his Christmas music career and family. Many of his fans were disappointed but fans of the group and TBT Army were widely enthused as it signaled hope for longevity in the bands’ reunion and continuation.

Now one of the brothers is claiming online that they only came to terms once they were given a generous cash advance of an undisclosed sum by a distinguished online mega church’s new subsidiary record label, Lucky Prayer House Records.

In an embarrassing moment for their career, that kills the buzz and warm-hearted nature of their family reunion (in the eyes of both their fans and foes), the brothers have proven to remain unhinged with their juvenile fits and misuse of social media to disparage one another once again in the public eye. It appears as if they did not learn their lesson from the first time they did that after canceling their Twitch listening party hosted by Wu Food last minute that was expecting nearly one thousand attendees.

Fans are up in arms about the hypocrisy. Just one week ago, they claimed that they had managed to forgive one another, look past their political differences, celebrate the life of Jesus, and finally put aside all of their old grievances, socio-political disagreements, and fringe conspiracy theories to bring us their highly acclaimed 2020 Christmas album. Now in the short time that’s proven to be a lie as their private in-fighting trickled back over to the public eye and internet with fans weighing in with “#teamdustin” and “#teamtustin” comments further alienating their own fan base once it was revealed that Dustin also flat out removed his brother from 6 out of 7 songs on their latest EP, a move that is widely considered to be petty by even the lowest standards. Tustin subsequently retaliated by taking control of the duo’s YouTube account and re-uploading the songs on the Christmas album with artwork that features dinosaurs, or what he refers to as the “masonic reptilian Illuminati overlords“.

Many of the TBT Army fans are sick of picking sides and have had it. The brothers lost over 40,000 followers since going public again with their feud and many cite feeling duped and manipulated with the ingenuity of their Christmas family reunion along with phony pleasantries towards one another. “I can’t take it anymore, I don’t like either of you now you are both manipulative” one Instagram user posted on a TBT Army unofficial fan account.

Older brother Dustin has since shunned his brother for blasphemy and declared a life long indefinite hiatus this time… due to what he cites as a lack of mutual respect and regard for his religious beliefs. Many fans believe he is still bitter over his divorce and his brother’s role in catalyzing it, and just sugar-coating it with his religious views to assert a moral superiority to not only his brother but even their mutual fans. Tustin has stated he feels as if it is easier for him to blame dinosaur artwork on their Christmas album and hold God over his head rather than come to terms with the past and forgive him for falling in love with his ex-wife.

Their label representatives have reassured TBT Army fans that there is no hiatus and that another album is currently in production as the two accepted a hefty cash advance that obliges them to continue working together and releasing music for Lucky Prayer House Records. Dustin has since released a solo single on The Brothers Timberwolf YouTube channel and SoundCloud entitled “Soju & Onion Rings” and it is unclear the capacity in which the brothers will collaborate in the future though Lucky Prayer House Records representatives insist that they are obliged to continue working with one another, tour together and release at least 3 more albums. 

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