Find Your Way to R-B and Hip Hop with the Latest Single ‘Find Ya Way’ by Cass and KP


Find Ya Way by Cass and KP

Join the musical journey with Cass and KP and their latest R&B infused hip hop representation ‘Find Ya Way’. The track appears in their namesake album ‘Cass and KP’.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- New York City, New York Feb 18, 2021 ( – Fresh melodies, satisfying production, and vocal clarity have united in the latest single Find Ya Way by musical duo Cass and KP. The track is an amazing amalgamation of hip hop and R&B music that reflects through musical arrangement and lyrical representation as well. Soft grooves of R&B music and immersive bass guitar adds a soothing hook to the track which is carried forward by the rapper’s enigmatic lyrical flow. On the other hand, the singer adds more melody and soul to the track with her blissful singing style. Perfectly balanced with poignancy and optimism the lyrical strength of the track adds more weight and gritty to it.

Multifaceted rapper Kyle Preddy, also known as KP, and versatile singer Cassandra Miguel, better known as Cass are the main persons behind the musical duo Cass and KP. Cass with her musical versatility has experiences singing in numerous events in the Bay area of San Francisco until she moved to New York. Kyle is also a native rapper from the Bay region, who is a professional songwriter since 2013. Both of these talented artists showcased their skills through the latest track ‘Find Ya Way’. The track appears in the latest ten-track album by them and their namesake, titled ‘Cass and KP’.

Some of the other tracks from the album like, ‘So Simple’, ‘Cambodian Blue’, ‘What Do You Want from Me’, etc are examples of their musical creativity and compatibility. Follow these artists over Spotify to have a taste of the R&B infused hip hop music.

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