Moon Lite Protective Solutions Proud to Announce The COVID DEFENSE SYSTEM Featuring THE PULSE


(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Mar 26, 2021 ( – Moon Lite Protective Solutions LLC, a division of Southern Chem Industries, is proud to announce the COVID DEFENSE SYSTEM featuring THE PULSE.

The cutting-edge PULSE technology eliminates viral pathogens using High-Intensity Light 40 times per second, destroying the virus in the air and on the surfaces.  While traditional UV lighting works by trying to dissociate the cells of the pathogens that cause a virus, the PULSE technology ERADICATES the entire pathogen, eliminating the virus in the air.

Our PULSE ANNEX is a protection system that can be portable or fixed. The system works utilizing the PULSE technology to eradicate the virus, but also adds in temperature sensing, data referencing, and a metal detector. By adding the metal detector component, it allows companies to replace existing systems while adding in the advantage of eradicating viruses. It can be run off a generator or hardwired. The unit can be erected and broken down in less than 30 minutes with a crew of three. As an added advantage, the annex can be used anywhere and can withstand winds up to 170 MPH.

The PULSE unit itself can be installed in HVAC systems to eradicate the airborne pathogens in an entire facility. When combined with our foggers and HOCl, our non-toxic EPA N-listed approved disinfectant, it gives facilities a way to ensure they are doing absolutely everything possible to keep their buildings safe.

“Our main goal is to get the world moving again as safely as possible,” said Michael Levine, Moon Lite’s President.  “We believe our system will not only help battle the diseases we face but also provide peace of mind for the people who interface with it. Human health and safety are our top priorities. Family is everything to us, and knowing that our system gives people safety for the ones they love is what makes our team work hard every day. We believe PULSE will be a game-changer in the fight against COVID.”

The system will make its debut at THE EXPERIENCE Conference and Exhibition held April 19- 21 in Charleston, South Carolina. The show is one of the premier shows in the cleaning and restoration industry.

Southern Chem Industries is a family-owned and operated company founded in 1971. The company was established in Laplace, Louisiana to supply industrial facilities along the Mississippi River Industrial Corridor from Baton Rouge to New Orleans with cleaning products and services. They now serve customers in the oil exploration, refining, petrochemical, transportation, and maritime industries and have since expanded throughout the Southeastern US.

Moon Lite Protective Solutions LLC, a division of Southern Chem Industries, is a one-stop solution provider whose mission is to protect the world and its people. They work towards this mission while abiding by their core values of trust, loyalty, and integrity. The organization believes in family first and works to ensure that everyone’s family and loved ones are protected and safe.

Moon Lite and their partners Native Sun Group, who is the patent and inventors of the PULSE, is a Colorado Native American Corporation owned by its founders: Dr. D.L. Mitchell and Dennis L. Farrell. Their for-profit company exists to provide funding for the not-for-profit ministry of taking clean air &surfaces, clean water, and cheap energy to the world. The company provides solutions meant to protect the world for future generations.

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