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Los Angeles, Apr 14, 2021 ( – The Legend of Jack and Diane hasn’t started filming but that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from buzzing. Veteran writer and first-time director, Bruce Bellocchi is set to direct the epic love story which he also wrote that tells the tale of those famous characters from John Cougar Mellencamp’s hit song, “Jack and Diane.” The story takes place in Seymour, Indiana and according to Bellocchi is a combination of, “True Romance” meets “Thelma and Louise.”

“The first time I saw True Romance I was hooked. I think Quentin Tarantino’s a genius storyteller as well as a director. His films have inspired my writing and have also given me a vision as a director.” says Bellocchi. He also credits long-time pal, Rob Weiss (HBO’s Entourage, HBO’s Ballers) with giving him the strength to keep his eye on the Hollywood prize. “It helps when you have a close friend who’s already doing what you want to do. It makes you realize that your dreams are within reach. Rob’s success has always been an inspiration to me. I think he’s probably one of the most underrated directors in Hollywood. His vision is right up there with some of the best.”

The Legend of Jack and Diane is in pre-production but the word in Hollywood is that Paramount and Universal are both very interested in the script. When asked what inspired Bellocchi to write the script in the first place this is what he had to say; “I enjoy telling stories about human drama, struggle, sacrifice and mostly about love. It’s something that pours out of me. The Legend of Jack and Diane is about two people willing to die for love and what’s more beautiful than that?.

It’s not yet clear which actors will lead the project. The Legend of Jack and Diane begins filming in late June 2021.

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