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Business Smack Announces Official Company Launch


(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Beaverton, Oregon Jun 15, 2021 ( – Business Smack announced its official company launch on Instagram today, offering on-demand business services, support, and consulting to small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and nonprofits. Services include organizational support and consulting, accounting, creative and design, HR support, and website design.

Dawn Skowronnek, Founder and “Head of BS,” wanted to create a company that would allow her to be true to her authentic self, which she describes as, “Compassionate, helpful, funny, and, at times, wildly inappropriate.” Her playfulness is evident not only in the name she chose for her company but in having fun with its acronym whenever possible.

“We are professional and poised when the situation warrants, but on a daily basis if you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong,” says Dawn.

Originally the plan was to go solo, but, along the way, Dawn chose to partner with her former colleague and friend, Kira Goodale.

“I find collaborating very fulfilling. Sharing with someone who also believes in what I’m doing and is excited about being a part of it is very uplifting for me,” says Dawn. “Nobody has all the answers, no matter how extensive their resume. But, talking to someone about your ideas and business, and having that person distill what you need and where to go next, can be all it takes to get to the next level. Kira did that for me and now we want to do that for others.”

Business Smack focuses on the needs of small and medium businesses, specifically because that’s where it can have the greatest impact.

Business Smack provides “What you need when you need it” with a fully remote team, each of whom has its own strengths. Businesses can create custom service packages or, if they’re unsure what they need, schedule a free 30-minute consultative call. Learn more at

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On-demand professional services and consulting for small to medium businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and non-profits.
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