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Expanding Kilobaser’s Commercial Operations and Support for Growing Customer Base

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- San Francisco, California Dec 13, 2021 ( – An Austrian company, Kilobaser, developers of the world’s first personal DNA and RNA synthesizer, today announced the opening of their first U.S. office in downtown San Francisco. Kilobaser, committed to democratizing DNA and RNA synthesis, has commercialized their RNA and DNA synthesizers to enable genomic researchers to rapidly access and accelerate research while saving time and cost. The new San Francisco office and demonstration site will showcase the industry-leading microfluidic desktop synthesis technology and streamline support and distribution for customers across the USA.

Focus Academy is a global activation hub catalyzing innovation for science and technology. Located in downtown San Francisco, the Focus team provide a vibrant space, flexible laboratories, targeted business support, and access to a rich community empowering founders and technologists to develop, validate, and grow their innovative businesses.

Kilobaser’s microfluidic LOC (lab-on-a-chip) DNA & RNA synthesis technology overcomes the shortcomings of today’s organic chemistry-based synthesizers: It reduces reagent consumption 100-fold through the use of reagent cartridges to enable synthesis of DNA, RNA, Probes, and modified oligos on demand. The result is a very affordable personal desktop synthesizer that makes synthesis faster and easier than ever before with no training needed. Kilobaser’s desktop synthesizer creates ready-to-use DNA oligos (20mers) in just 1 hour, RNA oligos in just 2 hours, and requires only 2 minutes of hands-on time while providing far superior user experience over the novel enzymatic methods today.

“We’re proud to open our new chapter of DNA & RNA synthesis technology in San Francisco. Any researcher is now able to make custom DNA Oligos in just 1 hour on their bench. This will greatly accelerate new discoveries in many areas such as therapeutics and synthetic biology.  We’re truly democratizing DNA & RNA synthesis with our very affordable Kilobaser synthesis platform.” said Alexander Murer, CEO, and co-founder of Kilobaser.

Commenting on the partnership, Focus Academy Co-Founder J. Anthonpillai added, “This is a great opportunity to bring this powerful tool to the start-up community. The utility and efficiency of Kilobaser’s technology will allow a diverse community of researchers and entrepreneurs to accelerate their scientific research, bringing value to their investors and customers alike.”


About Kilobaser:

Kilobaser was founded in Graz, Austria in 2014 with a vision to cut down waiting time and costly delays to oligo synthesis by designing a device for making custom DNA and RNA primers in the lab. The user-friendly software and easy-to-use device utilize a specialized microfluidic chip to produce ready-to-use oligos within one hour.


About Focus Academy:

Focus Academy is a global activation hub catalyzing innovation for science and technology. Focus Academy enables emerging international companies to enter and thrive in the US market by providing in-depth business, market, and product development support together with a vibrant space and integrated founder community. At the core of Focus Academy is the belief that being part of an active community with a deep knowledge base of launching science-based technologies is key to success. This support system allows entrepreneurs to continue sharing best practices on operating and thriving in the US and beyond.



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