Wife Sabiya Rahaman grieves over the sudden death of Khalid Ebadullah TMC State Secretary




(ProNewsReport Editorial):- kolkata, West bengal Jun 7, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Businessman and State Secretary of Trinamool Congress Khalid Ebadullah has passed away. He died of a heart attack at around 2 am on 26th May 2022. He was around 52 years old.

Sabiya Rahaman, wife of Khalid Ebadullah mourns over the loss of her husband. She became unconscious after seeing his lifeless body. She came under a state of shock and could not believe he has left the world after more than 15 years of their beautiful marriage journey.

She is an elite personality in the city and she gained eminence from a very young age. She runs a famous clinic for over 26 years and has featured in Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Zee Business and many top most publications and tv channels across India. Her niche clientele is mostly celebrities and top social circle. She was born & brought up in a very affluent family.

Khalid Ebadullah fell in love with her the first time he saw her. When he met her, he had just started his business at root level and had his office at a small lane. He convinced her to get married with all bollywood style romance and turned her no into a yes in 2006 when they got married. He was planning a huge wedding anniversary party in November this year and planned to invite all his political and social circle. The late Khalid Ebadullah had also planned a one month Europe vacation trip in July with his wife Sabiya Rahaman and her daughter.

Like their regular dinner outings, as usual they went out for dinner on 24th May at a mall’s restaurant and had a great time like always. This was just one night before he passed away. Who knew this would be their last outing. On 25th May morning he left home at 8 am and continued with his usual routine – attending meetings and political gatherings. He had a sudden death in his other house where he stays alternate days with his other family.

He was a protective and caring husband. He gave her full freedom in everything she wanted even though he was extremely possessive about her. She wanted to keep their married life private and he respected her decision.

Her daughter Aisha was well aware of her mother’s sensitive nature and weak heart and informed her mother just few hours before his funeral knowing very well she could not see her husband in that state. It has been difficult for Mrs Sabiya Rahaman to recover from the death of news of Late Khalid Ebadullah.

His death has cast a shadow of grief across the city.

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