True Touch Collections Launches 2022 “I am My Beautiful Campaign”, a Self-Awareness and Self-Confidence Campaign


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The “I am My Beautiful Campaign” aims to Celebrate the Diversity of Beauty. Participants are allowed to record and share their voices and image by recording their own personal declaration of their uniqueness and individual attributes of beauty.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Pensacola, Florida Aug 1, 2022 ( – True Touch Collections LLC, which has brought forth a new definition of beauty in the industry with its organic personal care products and services, is set to launch its new campaign, The “I am My Beautiful” Campaign, which celebrates the diversity of beauty.

True Touch Collections has always celebrated diversity and empowered individuals to embrace their true inner beauty regardless of color, ethnicity, background, creed, and origins. It was clear that True Touch Collections needed an initiative to publicly celebrate this value and give every individual of every background a platform to share their true selves. The “I am My Beautiful” Campaign will bring diverse communities together to empower each other and showcase how beautiful each individual truly is as well as accept their authority to voice and rewrite the history of outdated negative narratives and stereotypes.   

“True Touch Collections has always been about empowering diverse communities to embrace their true inner beauty,” stated Renee S. King CEO of True Touch Collections LLC. She added. “We have launched so many products that help diverse communities find their inner confidence through various self-care practices, and we thought it was time to give them a platform to share how they see themselves from within.”

In addition, True Touch Collections has created an interactive online and mobile video recording studio on their website. This allows participants to record and share their voices and image by recording their own personal declaration of their uniqueness and individual attributes of beauty. The campaign consists of an interactive website where people can record themselves talking about their attributes and why they are beautiful. The company has also created a mobile recording studio called the “I Am Cam,” which allows participants to hold up their phones and record themselves speaking into the device.

Each video recording chosen will be featured along with other participants to create a montage of video footage to be featured in its national advertising campaign. In addition, True Touch has initiated plans to feature the “I am My Beautiful” campaign and its mobile “I Am Cam” as an addition to its annual True Revolutions Road Tour to promote the brand’s commitment to health, beauty, and wellness. True Touch Collections welcomes all individuals to participate by logging on to and accepting the call to declare in one united voice, “I am My Beautiful”.

About True Touch Collections

True Touch Collections, LLC, is a leading natural beauty & personal care company based in the USA. The company provides high-quality, beautifully designed natural skincare and haircare products that help individuals become more confident and develop healthy self-images and self-esteem, such as multicultural personal care, skincare, and natural hair care products. Besides launching the “I Am My Beautiful” campaign, True Touch Collections LLC has also introduced new products, including Nectar of Sol. Trueness, True Touch Collections, and Trueness Titan for Men, the products are a nutrient-enriched Bio mineral-based line of shampoos, scrubs, lotions, conditioners, soaps, and body fragrances. For more information, please visit

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