Talented Queensland DJ, Christian Krauter Is Back With His Brand New Tracks


Pixel BOB BoopDa Bee by Christian Krauter

Gifted Queensland DJ, Christian Krauter has released two fresh tracks, ‘BoopDa Bee’ and ‘Pixel BOB’ that are impressive in all senses: musically upbeat and cheerful.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Brisbane, Queensland Oct 11, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – The genre of Electronic Dance Music is difficult to make music in as the entire focus stays on the rhythmic flow and engineering of the track. However, it seems like the gifted DJ Christian Krauter has mastered the genre skilfully. His latest released tracks, BoopDa Beeand Pixel BOBhave created a buzz in the industry, and rightfully so, as his talent speaks for himself. The two new tracks are filled with dynamic beats and the production is making the audience come to the dance floor. These soundscapes are on their way to mounting the charts and can become the most streamed tracks in his entire discography.

The tracks, ‘BoopDa Bee’ and ‘Pixel BOB’ are created by the same artist yet carry different themes and create completely separate ambiances with their composition and sound mixing. It shows the caliber of the Queensland DJ and his ability to light up any room with his artistic expression. It has not been long since Christian Krauterdebuted in the industry and it has been only 5 years since he has been uploading music to the streaming platform Soundcloud. He has gathered thousands and thousands of listens in his complete discography till now, yet the two fresh tracks show his artistic growth and maturity ideally. `

The track, ‘BoopDa Bee’ carries a funkier theme with its mixing and composition which makes it a perfect melodic party anthem. The synthesized slap-bass line on the track makes it a plethora of melodies. The added retro-style synth elements also add a special flavor to the track. On the other hand, ‘Pixel BOB’ is created by following a mid-tempo which includes a bass line and additional instruments like piano and saxophone. The pounding beats create an enlivening ambiance for the audience that makes it rather more addicting.

His previous tracks such as ‘Groove Bomb’, ‘Wicked Pickups’, ‘Recovery Tape Liveset’, ‘More Energy More Power’, ‘Oh Why’, ‘Give Me Bass House’ etc. also deserve similar praise and recognition. The entire discography of the artist is available on Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Spotify. Listeners can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and his website for further details.

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