Sonic The Hedgehog’s Opening Collection Reached a Whopping $55 Million





Action-adventure and fantasy science fiction film, Sonic The Hedgehog may have hit it off with a slow start but things have been picking up and have garnered a very successful opening at the box office as per reports revealed by The Hollywood Reporter. As per the media outlet’s reports, Sonic The Hedgehog went on to beat other movies like Fantasy Island, The Photograph, and Downhill and that too just during the week of Valentine’s Day.

The early box office estimated returns have revealed that the Paramount movie Sonic The Hedgehog Soars To $55 Million Opening counted from its preview night a few Thursdays ago moving its way up to the occupying a space as one of the top grosser this weekend. The Friday screening of the movie earned about $17 million along with $3 million additionally from its preview on Thursday night.

Hence, it can be concluded that the estimation by Paramount productions was well exceeded by the total earnings that took off on its Thursday preview night itself. The movie also stands out as a special one because sci-fi movies like these do not usually emerge with such high amounts of returns solely on their preview nights.

The movie Sonic The Hedgehog is based on the globally known classic video game franchise Sega. The protagonist of the movie is voiced by Ben Schwartz with supporting voiceovers by actor, Jim Carry for the characters of Dr. Robotnik and James Marsden.

The movie was off to a slow start owing to a few CGI customizations by Sonic. This led to a substantial postponing of the release as the production time utilized this time to redesign and bring to the virtual life the main character of the movie, the blue hedgehog.

The official Wikipedia page of Sonic The Hedgehog says that the game first released in the year of 1991. This was released in contrast and competition with Nintendo’s creation of the timeless character of Mario. Since the time the game released, they expanded into other games and media classifications that included feature films, animations, merchandise, and print media among other things.

Sonic The Hedgehog become so popular back then that in the early 1990s, Sega emerged as one of the most widely played video game consoles.

However, Sega’s tryst with consoles sadly ended in 2001 but they continued to contribute their wisdom through third party development that included games by PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox as well. When Sega decided the leave their market in consoles, worldwide conversations started to emerge as many players thought that the potential of Sega’s creations were way ahead of their extant times.